Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Thank you for getting knocked up pasta recipe!

Holy shit! Is this thing on? Like seriously when was the last time I posted up in this motha. So like most adults I have found myself living the full work load plus the non stop parenting train. And I have been quite lost when it comes to all things blogging and documenting my cooking adventures.
So returns the food snob with a recipe I keep meaning to share!

This pasta!!!! Spaghetti in a green sauce. Oh what a lovely take on Mexican and Italian!!!!! My two favorite!!!


So I first tried this spaghetti at a baby shower. I wasn’t sure what it was but was intrigued by the aroma of poblano peppers. I served myself some with whatever else was being offered. And fell immediately in love. I asked around “what is this?” to which my cousin Miros replied “Crazy chic, its green spaghetti”. Ok I don’t recall the exact conversation but it definitely left an impression. So months passed and I was craving something. This often happens to me and I may not recall what the item is called that I am craving. So pinpointing what I'm craving can be quite challenging. And it finally came to me, it was the green spaghetti. SO I searched for my phone to ask Miros for the recipe. She didn’t know it but directed me to ask our aunt Norma. My aunt gave me her recipe and I ran out for all the required ingredients. As I raced to the store I was savoring what was to come……

After making the green spaghetti…. I started imagining what I can combine with this dish. Or how can I put my own twist on it. And thus was born “Thank you for getting knocked up pasta” or TYFGKUP for short! HA!

You will require the following:

6-8 Poblano Pepper

1+ Serrano pepper(optional depending on spice level desired)

Heavy Cream-Small container whatever size that is

Box (16oz) Spaghetti

Chicken bouillon

Salt/Pepper to taste

Garlic clove


Parmesan Cheese to top off

Alright you have to treat the peppers the same way you do for Chile Rellenos!

Roast them, peal outer skin, remove stem and seeds. This step is my least favorite and possibly the reason why I don’t make Chile Rellenos often. Refer to chile relleno recipe for detailed step by step.

 Meanwhile put some water to boil for your pasta.

Pictured below are a pic of them roasting and after I did all that darn work….. but so worth it!

After Chiles are done toss them in the blender with the salt, pepper, garlic clove, one chicken bouillon cube/tablespoon and the heavy cream. Blend! After sauce was made I cooked my shrimp. And added my sauce to the shrimp and brought it to a simmer. Slow simmer. No overcooking shrimp over here.

Once spaghetti was cooked I drained it and added the sauce/shrimp to the pasta!

Gluttony comes to mind! As this is the one dish that I make that I can eat and eat and eat and strangely not have enough of. Its like I've injected the fucking poblano peppers with cocaine or some other addicting drug. Please note I have not injected the peppers with any form of drug. Refer to ingredients as confirmation. Behold......drum roll please!

This dish is best when hot but I have eaten it cold, which was still freaking amazing! So once again ANGIE(don't kill me) thank you thank you THANK YOU!!!! For getting knocked up and letting that event turn into me attending your baby shower and falling deeply in love.

ps this post is a bit rusty as the only writing I have done lately has been addressed to Tom Riddle aka my diary!