Sunday, July 22, 2012

and so it begins

So where to begin I love food! I love to cook and eat food! I guess you can say I am a foodie. I am married to a cook and surely drive him crazy with my constant food network watching. So I decided to try this blog thing out with my obsessions about food, chocolate, Mark Wahlberg /Zooey Deschanel and whatever else my tummy or heart desires.

My BFF Guera has recently said the following about my cooking “the best cook throughout high school!” We have been friends for about two decades and some change now. Back then I specialized in lasagna, flautas and desserts(FLASHBACK ALERT:I recall my math teacher in elementary school Mr. Pellini said the way to remember how to spell desserts correctly and not incorrectly “deserts” is to think what you want more of so there should be more “S’s”. So according to that I personally spell it like desssssssssserts! Mmmm chocolate) I have that freak characteristic that remembers lots of crap. So anyway I use to cook back in the day things I enjoyed to eat but that mom didn’t cook enough or at all of.

Strange I could throw down on my specialties but failed at Jell-O shots. HA!

Since those awkward teenage years of cooking I have now expanded my menu of specialties and plan to share my recipes. So stay tuned….If you have had the pleasure of trying my cooking then I am sure you will stay tuned. Hahaha!  (Evil laugh) 

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