Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Salsa picante!

Salsa in Latin culture...well at least in my upbringing is like the sixth food group. I eat salsa with almost everything...even cereal. Well not really but you get the point. In this recipe I used jalapeno peppers, serrano peppers, tomatoes and a garlic clove. I used two kinds of peppers because that’s what I had on hand. You can stick to just one type…but let me warn you serrano peppers most of the times have more of a kick than jalapenos.


You will need the following:

2 Jalapenos Peppers

5 Serrano Peppers

4 Roma Tomatoes-any tomato should work just watch my ratio of 2 peppers to every 1 tomato. If using large slicing tomatoes use 3 peppers.

1 garlic clove

¾ tbsp salt

Yields: 3 1/2 cups of salsa that is tastier than the jar kind!!!!!


“So how do I know what is a jalapeno and what is a serrano pepper?” you may ask. Well I am a fudging pepper expert that’s why… well maybe expert is a slight embellishment but I know my chiles. But pictured below are a serrano pepper (top) and a jalapeno (bottom).



There now you are the pepper expert!
Dont let the size of the serrano pepper fool you. They pack a nice punch.


Here is the before picture:


So obviously wash your fruit. Yes tomato and peppers are fruit. Well I Googled jalapenos and it’s a fruit. I didn’t know that… thanks google now I can stop losing sleep wondering is it a fruit or a vegetable. Why must you torture me you dam pepper? Why? Now I must roast you….



So roast your peppers on a comal/griddle until blackened all over. Whiles you are roasting the peppers put tomatoes and garlic in pot and bring to a boil. Once everything is nice and roasted/boiled toss in blender with salt and blend. OOOOPPPPPSSSS i forgot to mention reserve about 1/2 cup -3/4 cup of the water you boiled your tomatoes in and add in blender too.

You can also just boil peppers and all but the roasting adds a nice flavor to salsa. And how cool is it to roast anything....ummm super cool! You will enjoy the roasted pepper aroma as well. Win win!


Here is the after picture:



Taste to ensure correct salt usage. It’s best if you add more when it’s hot so it blends well with salsa. And you now have salsa…. Serve on tacos, burritos, and/or cereal. Enjoy!


  1. I freaken love your food blog!!! You are hilarious marsh. I'm going to make some salsa right now!

  2. I'm sure kevin will appreciate the blog too if u cooked the food! U have to learn how to make arroz con gandules and share with me!